Woodmont Cabinetry to Acquire Grandview Products

We are pleased to announce that we have reached a definitive agreement with Grandview Products to acquire their company. As we continue to build on our stable foundation, we are well positioned to diversify the business and bring a new market segment under our parent company Western Cabinets, Inc.

Sophia Zetmeir has officially named Stan Tidwell as President of Grandview Cabinets. This mutual decision came after months of discussion, due diligence, and prayer. Stan Tidwell explains: “I’ve known Sophia and (the late) Sonny Zetmeir (of Grandview Products) for years. Although our companies serve two different market segments, they share many similar attributes. Sophia is ready to retire and spend more time with her grandchildren, but she wanted to ensure that the legacy of Grandview Products continues on, and that the Grandview work family remains intact. I’m humbled and honored that she has entrusted my family with that mission.”

Grandview Products acquired by Woodmont Cabinetry

Grandview Products | Affordable Kitchen & Vanity Cabinets | American Made Since 1946

Woodmont Cabinetry will continue to serve the single-family market; Grandview Cabinets will serve the multi-family segment of the cabinetry market. Both groups will operate under the Western Cabinets, Inc. umbrella. As such, we will leverage the synergies between the two divisions through shared information, purchasing power, and continuity in leadership.

Shared Attributes Between Woodmont Cabinetry and Grandview Cabinets

Although the two groups serve different market segments, both Woodmont Cabinetry and Grandview Cabinets share similar values, philosophy and structure. For example, both companies:

  • Have always been family-owned and operated businesses.
  • Share a passion for God, family, country, and community.
  • Are members of the KCMA (Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Association).
  • Hold the same certifications: ANSI and ESP.
  • Take pride in their American-made products and are deeply committed to environmentally sustainability and keeping manufacturing in the United States.

Stan Tidwell explains his decision to add Grandview Products to the Western Cabinets umbrella: “With over 250 employees and 220,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the company has many strengths including its location – it’s geographically positioned to reach most areas of the U.S. within 1-2 days. With its well-established client relationships and knowledgeable employees, Grandview has great potential for further growth and development.”

In the coming months, both companies will operate “business as usual” as the executive teams work hand-in-hand to ensure a smooth transition. Going forward, Woodmont Cabinetry and Grandview Products will continue to operate in their respective locations (Dallas, TX and Parsons, KS) as two separate divisions under one umbrella.

Next Steps for Woodmont Cabinetry and Grandview Cabinets

In 2018, Woodmont Cabinetry celebrates its 65th anniversary. And truly, there has never been a more exciting time in our company’s history. We will continue to focus on process improvements, capacity expansion and streamlining our business to support the growth of our loyal Woodmont Customers. We’ll also be welcoming the Grandview Cabinets team into our family and highlighting some of the great things that are taking place in this newly acquired division.

Grandview Products acquired by Woodmont Cabinetry

Grandview Products | Affordable Kitchen & Vanity Cabinets | American Made Since 1946

As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, we’ll also take a nostalgic look back at how we’ve changed over the years. But we’re proud of the fact that no matter how much things change, people and service have always remained at the forefront of our vision. We are as committed as ever to staying aligned with the quality standards, faith-based, and integrity-centered business practices that make us who we are.

Stan Tidwell says: “I was born in Wichita, Kansas and spent my early childhood there. This summer, I had the privilege of taking my children and grandchildren to see the house where my family lived in Kansas. There is nothing more important than family – and when I say that I’m referring not only to my immediate family, but also to my work family which includes the employees, customers, and vendors who put their trust in us. We are enthusiastically embracing everyone at Grandview Cabinets as the newest members of our larger, extended family. I hope you will join me in welcoming them too.”