Woodmont Expands Employee Parking

Woodmont Cabinetry is growing — and that’s a great thing! In fact, we’ll be hiring even more people to join our team in 2019. But even positive growth is not without its challenges — one of those being space. The Woodmont team has been working diligently to meet our space challenges by expanding our parking lot and our corporate office.

There are said to be at least 105 million and maybe as many as 2 billion parking spaces in the United States. The University of California at Berkeley’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering calculates 3.4 parking spaces in America for each car; another study says we’ve built eight parking spots for every car in the country!

We don’t doubt the statistics (think about all of the places you park — home, work, church, gym, grocery stores, restaurants, shops, movie theaters); but we do know one thing for sure. None of those extra spaces could be found at Woodmont Cabinetry!

In 2018, we put the wheels in motion to accommodate more wheels (480 more to be precise) — on our premises. At this writing, we’re proud to say that our newly expanded parking lot, featuring 120 additional parking spaces, is nearly ready for use. As a result, we’ll nearly double our capacity for warehouse and factory parking. Our lot will now hold 311 vehicles which includes guest parking.

We’ve also working on expanding our office space. Soon, our corporate office will accommodate 8 more people. It is often said “what you focus on expands.” As a company, we remain focused on making products, serving people, and building relationships with Integrity Ingrained.