Our “Made in America” Promise

“Made in America.” For us, these three simple words hold a wealth of meaning. It’s not a gimmick or an empty promise, not a marketing tactic or a slogan. At Woodmont Cabinetry, “Made in America” is a principle and a responsibility that fuels what we do.

As a family-run company, we strive to leave a legacy that includes more than our expertly-crafted cabinets. We support American manufacturing jobs and American-made materials because we know that doing so strengthens our communities and the homes we help create.

Made in America: Who, What, & Where
Our two Texas manufacturing facilities are located in Dallas (our corporate headquarters) and Cedar Hill. We employ over 350 American workers, ensuring that jobs remain in the U.S. and communities prosper.

Our cabinetry is manufactured, assembled, and finished domestically. We source lumber from American suppliers who harvest in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Tennessee. We also partner with fellow American companies: Sherwin-Williams and Georgia Pacific for our finishing products and materials.

There’s no cutting corners — just the long-held tradition of American labor and hardwoods.

Made in America: Safety, Quality, & Integrity
International manufacturing involves major risks: the quality of the product, the safety of the product, and whether the product was ethically made.

Our “Made in America” guarantee covers all of these concerns, and then some.

We follow national regulations, as well as environmental standards, when it comes to our factory emissions, our wood harvesting, and more. We even have a green business certification from the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA).

We know our employees, and we value them. It’s not just about fair labor or a living wage, though both are important. We strive to honor their craftsmanship and their ties to our family.

By honoring our commitment to American-made products, we’re doing our part to ensure quality products, a strong economy, and the future of our communities.

To view a printable version of our “Made in America” promise, click here.