Earth Enthusiasts: How & Why We Treat the Earth Well

Earth Enthusiasts: How & Why We Treat the Earth Well

At Woodmont Cabinetry, respect is one of our core values—respect for our customers, for our workers, for the products we create, and for the earth itself.

We’ve made sustainability a priority in everything we do because we believe in being forward-thinking and earth-friendly.

Below are a few of the ways we implement sustainability standards, from how we harvest wood to how we take recycling to the next level.

Recycling Done Right

  • Our goal is to recycle 100% of all waste, including cardboard, paper, and sawdust from the dust collectors. In fact, our wood chip “leftovers” are recycled into landscaping material.
  • Our eco-consciousness doesn’t end at the finishing process. We cook off less favorable finishing line material and use the remaining solvent to clean our factory equipment.
  • We believe that every little bit of eco-consciousness counts, even the recycling of office paper.

Respecting Our Forest Resources
Our all-natural materials are sourced right here in the United States, and our lumber suppliers are committed to maintaining healthy forests. Each harvest plan must consider:

  • How to minimize environmental impact factors like soil erosion, water quality, and existing wildlife and plants
  • How to improve timber growth for future generations
  • How to improve education for landowners, foresters and logging personnel

We believe in things that last—from our company and our cabinets, to the forests that produce our wood. In addition to our “green” principles, we’re also proud to be part of the national Environmental Stewardship Program.

Woodmont Cabinetry commitment to sustainability