Wide Selection of Colors & Styles

Since 1995, Swartz Supply has been purchasing cabinets from Woodmont Cabinetry. Woodmont offers a wide selection of colors and styles to fit any design at a friendly price point – all without skipping out on quality. The company’s quality of customer service is just as friendly. Whether we’re calling to order custom cabinetry or just to replace a part, the Woodmont team is willing to answer any questions and help however they can. We look forward to working with Woodmont Cabinetry for many more years to come.”

Scott Swartz, President
Swartz Supply
Harrisburg, PA

Highest Level of Performance & Quality

Woodmont Cabinetry has the highest level of performance and quality of any of our manufacturing partners to date. Woodmont stands behind the quality of its cabinetry and is quick to address any issues, ensuring we have the products and the information we need to serve our customers. We can always count on our lead times for cabinets and service parts. Most importantly, the people of Woodmont Cabinetry operate as trusted partners with full integrity, both collectively and individually.”

Ivan Madrigal, Owner
Builder’s Choice
Houston, TX

Woodmont Cabinetry, A Genuine Partner

Parrish & Company is a family-owned and operated company, just like Woodmont Cabinetry; and working with a company like ours instills confidence. For the past decade, Woodmont has been a genuine partner and ally, proving that it genuinely cares about the success of our business. Woodmont Cabinetry understands that our job as a distributor is to help builders close homes on time and within budget. This is reflected in their reliable deliveries and overall product strategy.”

Dan Parrish, Owner
Parrish & Company
San Antonio, TX

Woodmont Cabinetry Makes My Job So Much Easier

In 2016, a previous cabinetry partner made sweeping changes that didn’t work for our business. After interviewing many cabinetry companies, we chose two new ones, including Woodmont Cabinetry as a second supplier. After just one year of working with both manufacturers, there was no contest — the quality of Woodmont’s service and product was far superior. We dropped the other manufacturer and began an exclusive partnership with Woodmont. Five years later, Woodmont Cabinetry continues to impress.

The company’s values and service approach mesh beautifully with our own family-oriented business style. And the construction options, finishes, and features make my job so much easier. The catalogs are well done; the SKUs reflect the colors and styles our customers are seeking; and, whether I request unfinished cabinetry customers can finish themselves, or a custom cut-out on an oven cabinet, Woodmont always delivers.”

Joe Coulson, VP of Cabinet Division
Intown Design
Atlanta, GA

If You’re Looking for ‘Good’, Woodmont’s The Best

To contain building costs, many builders ask for cabinetry at an entry-level price point – what we call ‘Good’ in our ‘Good, Better, Best’ cabinetry program. But prior to working with Woodmont, we felt like our entry-level category simply wasn’t good enough. We experienced so many problems with quality, finish, and fulfillment, we sought out a different provider.

Woodmont Cabinetry costs just a bit more than our previous manufacturer, but everyone agrees it’s money well spent. Painted finishes are in high demand in our market, and Woodmont offers a top-notch finish with pleasing, on-trend color selections. We’ve never had lead time issues (even during COVID!), and we love how Woodmont is willing to work with our needs. For example, as our order volume increased, receiving and logging incoming truckloads became too laborious. Woodmont helped set us up with a scanner that integrated with their bar code system, saving us countless hours of labor.

Today, our builders lean heavily on Woodmont Cabinetry. We also love recommending Woodmont Cabinetry to retail homeowners, particularly for secondary spaces; it allows them to incorporate cabinetry into their offices, bathrooms, and bars, while balancing their total budget.

What we most appreciate is Woodmont’s interest in listening to and partnering with us. It’s so refreshing to feel like we’re more than just a customer number. When we had the opportunity to visit the Dallas, TX facility in early 2020, Stan Tidwell took the time to sit down with us and get to know us. The Woodmont team even asked for our input as they worked on developing a new painted finish.

In short, the people at Woodmont don’t just build good quality, value-priced cabinets; they also build strong client relationships. We value and appreciate both.”

Sarah Wolfgang, Manager and Designer
Cabinet Boutique
Urbandale, IA

Woodmont Cabinetry Knows What Builders Need

After working in the cabinetry industry for years, I joined Marble Today to further develop their cabinetry division. Our cabinetry sales have grown significantly, thus increasing our countertop sales as well, and I attribute that primarily to the great product and the rock-solid working relationship we’ve enjoyed with Woodmont. We do 99% of our business with builders, and simply put, Woodmont Cabinetry knows what builders like. Woodmont offers a quality, price-competitive product with the best finish in the industry. It’s great value for money, and thus, an easy sell.

Whereas other cabinetry lines still offer out-of-style doors and antiquated options, Woodmont has kept pace with consumers’ tastes and builders’ desires to offer the hottest styles and finishes in the marketplace. Every builder has a different vision of what he wants to offer the customer, and Woodmont Cabinetry has created an outstanding, streamlined selection of options. With such an elegantly simple and efficient process, Woodmont Cabinetry proves to be a perfect fit for nearly every builder we serve.”

Bob Cade, Director of Cabinet Operations
Marble Today
Lake City, FL
Woodmont Cabinetry Testimonials

Woodmont Cabinetry Testimonials