Idelfonso “Pancho” Garza

In over 30 years of experience at Woodmont Cabinetry, Idelfonso (known as “Pancho” to his coworkers), has taken on many different roles, including a leadership role in our Cedar Hill facility where he worked for 24 years. Whether making standard and custom wood frames, conducting rigorous quality control, or training new employees, Idelfonso values getting the job done right. Each morning, on his way to work, he prays for a good day where the work is properly completed, with no mistakes. Woodmont Cabinetry’s high-quality standards and opportunities for professional development are two of Idelfonso’s favorite parts of his work: “Over the years, I’ve been able to learn how to make a cabinet from start to finish and to teach others as well. I enjoy the atmosphere here, and how fast-paced it is, but also how things must get done precisely.”

Faith and fellowship are important to Idelfonso. For that reason, his favorite time of year is Christmastime: “Everyone is so joyful; you can feel the joy, even on the factory floor.” Idelfonso has also taken advantage of the many company-sponsored opportunities to play baseball and softball with his coworkers over the years. When he reflects on his long tenure at Woodmont Cabinetry, Idelfonso is proud of his work at Woodmont Cabinetry and grateful for all that it has provided for him and his family: “It feels good that I have been with Woodmont all of this time. I want to give thanks to God for allowing me to give my all and sustain my family for so many years.”

Fun fact: Over the last three decades, Idelfonso has won over 60 trophies for playing softball and baseball.