Leonardo Torres

Leonardo still remembers the day, over 30 years ago, when he walked into Woodmont Cabinetry and interviewed with Stan Tidwell. He left the building as the newest member of the Woodmont team: “What a great feeling it was to walk in, hoping for work, and leave with what would be become a professional home.” Over the years, Leonardo has taken on many different roles at Woodmont Cabinetry, from making glass doors to running the rails and styles and managing quality control. He takes great satisfaction in his mastery of the craft and a job well done.

For Leonardo, working at Woodmont has become a part of who he is: “Each morning, I look forward to going into work and doing what I love.” Leonardo appreciates the value of steady employment in a stable workplace, and more importantly, being a part of a company where people are committed to doing good work: “I have given it my all, and I feel like this company is a part of me. I tell my co-workers, ‘This is our company, too. We have invested so much time and effort that it feels like our own.’”

Fun fact: Leonardo has three daughters, and he used to coach their soccer team. They played in many championships, and after winning one, they were featured in the newspaper.