Pedro Florido

Pedro loves working and considers himself a handyman both on the clock and off: “When I’m not at Woodmont, you’ll find me tinkering around the house. I’m always fixing something!” It’s this philosophy and strong work ethic that has brought Pedro success in his 20+ year stint as a Planer at Woodmont Cabinetry: “You have to learn the right way of doing things in order to be successful here, and then you just do your job really well!” And, when it comes to woodworking, Pedro does many things well. From measuring to cutting to planing, Pedro’s got it!

It’s not just working hard that has kept Pedro motivated all these years. Pedro specifically mentions Stan Tidwell, longtime CEO of Woodmont Cabinetry, as a source of encouragement: “Stan always checked in on me in a way that made me feel like he valued my work. After I returned from a vacation, he told me that I had been missed, which meant I was doing my job right and it was being recognized. That felt like a great accomplishment.” It’s other little things as well, Pedro says, like the owners just saying hello or inquiring about the wellbeing of his family. Nowadays, Pedro approaches every day with the same idea in mind: “I’m happy when I can just make each day a great one.”

Fun Fact: Pedro is originally from Jalisco Mexico, the birthplace of mariachi, tequila, and Mexico’s national sport, charreria (rodeo).