Pedro Valdez

Christmas baskets, employee lunches, and baseball games are just some of the perks that Pedro has enjoyed during his more than 30 years with Woodmont Cabinetry. Currently a company driver and a member of the maintenance team, Pedro wears many hats and enjoys the variety of his position. But the best part of his job? He says it’s what working at Woodmont has enabled for him and his family: “I’m happily married and have 3 kids with my wife. The Tidwell family and my position at Woodmont have made this life possible and helped us accomplish all the things we wanted to.”

Pedro embodies our motto, “Integrity Ingrained™ both at work and in his life. He brings a positive attitude and team spirit to his work. He also supports his community at home by checking in on friends and helping neighbors through simple acts of kindness. “You’ve just got to give it your best in all that you do” he says, and we couldn’t agree more. Pedro continues to be a positive role model for what we call doing things right and doing the right things.

Fun Fact: Pedro is originally from Coahuila, Mexico, a city renowned for its huge trees and sprawling vineyards. On his days off, you’ll often find Pedro surrounded by greenery too, as he helps others by cutting their grass.