Rodney Hall

Rodney is a team-player with a passion for building strong and productive bonds with his coworkers. He started working at Woodmont Cabinetry on the paint line. Later, he moved to the drawer department, and now, he assembles dovetail boxes, For Rodney, no matter the job or department, it’s Woodmont’s work culture that keeps him engaged in his work: “I enjoy the family atmosphere and the close bonds I have shared with my coworkers over the years. It’s always a great day when we work together and everything goes well.”

Rodney’s favorite memories from his 25+ years at Woodmont Cabinetry include time spent in fellowship, including the 20-Year-Club baseball game events with his co-workers and company owner, Stan Tidwell. Outside of work, Rodney enjoys spending time – bowling, fishing, or just being together – with his wife and large family: 2 children, 9 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren (plus, one in heaven).

Fun fact: Rodney loves ‘los lobos’ and has a large collection of wolf-themed items.