Santos Torres

It takes a team to keep everything running smoothly at Woodmont Cabinetry. But not just any team—individuals who value hard work and exquisite craftsmanship to make a product that can satisfy customers time and time again. Santos will tell you that’s why he has been with Woodmont Cabinetry all of these years: “The best part of working at Woodmont is the people. I love going to work each day with people that I’ve known for such a long time and can trust to get the job done right.” Santos has been getting the job done right for decades, whether as a sander in his early years with Woodmont, or now, in his position as a painter on the flat line. “It’s comfortable here,” Santos says, “knowing everyone and being treated like family.”

Santos’s appreciation for people and for family extends to his life outside of work as well. A dedicated family man, Santos misses his wife, who passed away nearly eight years ago; and he cherishes time spent with his mother and his four wonderful children.

Fun fact: Santos hails from San Antonio, the seventh largest city in America and home to the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico.