Stanley Tidwell, CEO and Chairman of the Board

For Stanley Tidwell, Woodmont Cabinetry is more than just a way to make a living. It’s his life’s work. He pours his heart and soul into it, with the intention of building a legacy of integrity and family values while helping his employees and members of the community reach their full potential.

Stanley has been an entrepreneur his whole life; he opened his first business, an auto shop, while he was still in high school. He’s always been good with his hands and finds hands-on projects deeply satisfying. He even built his first car before he could legally drive it!

For the past 42 years, he’s been a steadfast presence in the cabinet industry, building his expertise through experience, hard work, and good faith. In 1992, Stan had the opportunity to purchase Western Cabinets, a regional company owned by one of his cabinet door customers. With the help of a dedicated team, he transitioned the company from a small, local cabinet manufacturer that sold only to home builders—with just two door styles and two colors—into the national cabinet manufacturer it is today!

One of Stan’s favorite things about Woodmont Cabinetry is having the opportunity to work with his daughters. “We have a great team!” he says, and it’s true: at Woodmont, Stan strives to make every employee feel like family. He prides himself on his efforts to help his employees and the community at large.

Stan and his three brothers spent their formative years in a small community in Oklahoma. He married his high school sweetheart, Sandi, and together they have three daughters and nine grandchildren—seven boys and two girls. He loves spending time with his grandkids (think: month-long summer road trips!) and feels strongly about his role in helping to create a sustainable future for them. In his spare time, Stan tackles all sorts of challenges from working outdoors and building things to climbing mountains with co-workers.

Fun Fact: Stan raises Longhorn cattle and honeybees; the Tidwells even harvest their own honey!


Left to right— Gina Tidwell Moran, Stan Tidwell, Jaime Tidwell Foster