Western Cabinets Secures Trademark for “Integrity Ingrained”

Integrity Ingrained trademarked by Woodmont CabinetryWe didn’t invent integrity, but we did secure the trademark. At Western Cabinets, “Integrity Ingrained” has long been our unofficial motto for Woodmont Cabinetry and Grandview Cabinetry. Along with the careful construction that goes into our heirloom cabinetry, integrity is ingrained deeply into our company’s decades-long legacy.

In fact, integrity is ingrained in everything we do — from our company values and commitment to community service to our high-quality craftsmanship and sustainable, American-made cabinetry. In this spirit, we decided to make our motto a long-lasting part of our company history. In 2018, we filed a request to register “Integrity Ingrained” as our official company trademark.

While we take trademarks for granted on an everyday basis, they serve to mark the identity of words, phrases, and symbols in relationship to a specific company. This trademark grants us the lawful ownership over “Integrity Ingrained,” ensuring that other companies cannot use the phrase or logo to imitate or copy our work. Although you cannot trademark just any phrase, ours is particularly distinctive and original. For this reason, it will be granted official trademark status.

Many of the items we use daily are trademarked, such as Jet Skis, Bubble Wrap, Jacuzzis, and even La-Z-Boys and Super Glue. Just as competitors cannot brand their products with these trademarked phrases, other cabinetry companies cannot claim their work is “Integrity Ingrained” — a phrase that is now our official trademark.

The value in this trademark is more than ownership over a phrase, though. Now, our customers can be sure that when they see “Integrity Ingrained” on their cabinetry, they’re purchasing the high-quality cabinetry they’ve come to expect from Woodmont Cabinetry and Grandview Cabinetry.

We believe “Integrity Ingrained” says everything we need to say about the quality of our company, service, and products. As we enter 2019, we’re excited to begin a new chapter, with this defining trademark.